A Childhood Retrospective Hey, this photo is ©

A Childhood Retrospective

October 13, 2016 Unknown Reflections

Unkown Reflections” is not finished, there will be changes, that may affect the style of the project, but it will certainly match the whole concept and will enhance it with the different lights, sometimes I feel that it’s such a pity to work so slowly on my photographs, it happens that your mind and ideas evolve faster, and I can’t keep up with them, and by the time I want to produce them they seem too far from me, like a feeling from the past, my goal for next year is to be more practical in my pictures, and try to keep up with my ideas. I wrote all this because there is a new Photograph I want to show you, it has a slightly different light from my previous Reflections, there is a window, there is a sky, cloudy, but you can see it there, and most important, it’s during the day..

With this reflection I wanted to go back to my past, leaving my comfort zone, I have a look at my childhood to understand my today’s emotions, I found myself staring at this child in which I saw myself reflected, he, thoughtful, had painted my crayons a drawing of his family in a piece of paper, looking down as if something was missing on his drawing.



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