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Mila & Gael

May 12, 2014 blog, Experimental

If you want to read the full “behind the scenes” of this photograph clik here.

This photograph was intended to be part of “Unknown Reflections“, but after all it didn’t completely fit with the series, however this pictures means a lot to me as a photographer, it was the first picture I took in a photo studio, building the entire set, by making this picture I understood how difficult it’s production, obviously all under my limited resources.

Well, no more words, this is the result of such an amazing time with my models and with all the people that helped:

Contando Historias

Of course thanks to Mila, Gael, Andrea, Julien, Said, FREe ( Anuska, Javi, Esther, Susana, Miguel Ángel), Juan, my mother, my grandmother 🙂 ,  Leticia , Pablo, Giuseppe, Brotes Artísticos, David, and Lorena 🙂

Many Thanks!


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