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December 27, 2017 Unknown Reflections

Anatomy of the hear” is an art work by Enrique Simonet that shook me as soon as I saw it, one of those paintings that you do not know why it touches you so deeply, an inspiration that I wanted to honor with one of my “Unknown Reflections“.

Although the human body is just a container  of what we really have inside, it defines us in some way and shows signs of what we are and we would like to be, I do not want to give more details because in this picture all that is not so obvious, although with these words it is, without further ado, I introduce you to Vicky:


I have read many names for this painting, “And she had heart”, “Anatomy of the heart”, “The Autopsy”, 1890, by Enrique Simonet, Oil on canvas, thanks for such a great gift, here it is the original:


Thanks a lot Vicky and Divina for taking part in this project, and to LGTB collective COGAM for getting us in touch.


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