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Jorge Crespo, Madrid 1983, is a visual artist who uses photography as a as a means of creative expression.

His images have evolved from the explicitness, “Hipoxia” project, to more reflexive images, such as “Unknown Reflections” series, where the interpretation is more open to the viewer.

His work revolves around individuals’ phycology, always showing human feelings on a staged environment, these scenes are thought through, taking care of all the process to the smallest details, from locating work to building the sets if needed, finishing up with the light to emphasize the idea reflected in his images.

Jorge has been working on his series for the past 7 years, a slow process due to the amount of commitment and self-discovery that this takes.


2016 Collective exhibition “XII Bienal de artes plásticas ciudad de albacete 2016”, Albacete, Spain.
2016 Collective exhibition “Modern Panic VII”, curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo, London.
2016 Work selected for Entrefotos Photography fair, Madrid. (Opening November 2016).
2016 Finalist in SIENA International Photo Awards.
2016 Collective exhibition “Intercambiarte 2.0” – Tabacalera Autogestionada, Madrid.
2016 Work Selected for Cultur3Club V National Arts Fair, Gijón (Asturias).
2016 Series First prize, II Concurso Internacional Fotografía Alicante
2016 Individual exhibition “Reflexiones Desconocidas”, Madrid, MyVeg
2016 Individual exhibition,Ramses Life, comisaria Mariajo Gil
2015 Collective exhibition “Intercambiarte” – Tabacalera Autogestionada
2015 Collective exhibition “Imaginario Femenino” – Tabacalera Autogestionada